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About The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a worldwide movement to inspire and encourage women everywhere to participate in surf sports all while creating and nurturing connections with the community.  Using our collective drive to give back to local charities, all while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant community, and active local involvement. Since its first event in 2007 on Maui, Hawaii with a dozen women, The Butterfly Effect has evolved into a BE ALOHA World Tour with over 50 different non-competitive events in 19 countries and with thousands of participants.


Our Mission

The Butterfly Effect strives for sustainable, conscious, creative, and collaborative surf sport gatherings. Each event is designed to give every “Butterfly” more confidence, joy, and skill in her board riding, as well as her navigation through everyday life. We do this by making environmental awareness, education, and community give-back activities a big part of each Butterfly Effect event.

Who are the butterflies?

The “Butterflies” are all the women participants. These women love seeking adventure, challenge, and asserting their femininity during sports. They also have a passion for giving back to the world.


The Butterfly Effect events create an environment that gives participants the confidence to achieve a goal in a supportive group setting. We’ll take you as you are! Do you paddle, windsurf, kite, kayak or swim? Are you a beginner, local shredder, or maybe a pro? It doesn’t matter: all of these sports and experience levels are welcome. We’re all in it, but not to win it! Each event includes the following activities:

• Community Give-Back (beach clean-up, clothing donation, free clinics, fundraising, etc.)
• Introductory yoga class and warm-up stretch prior to the main activity.
• A “Downwind” event, in which the rider starts at one point and ends up at another point downwind of the original location.
• Ending ceremony with party, sponsor gifts, food, drinks, music, and a fashion show.


Since our events are held at exotic beaches all over the world, The Butterfly Effect creates organized vacations around many event dates. By spending a few more days together, Butterflies get to know each other and have fun doing water sports and other activities. The Butterfly Effect trips focus on board sports, and include healthy meals, daily yoga, and other activities that enhance participants’ total well-being.

Partner Charities

Thanks to the funds raised during our events, The Butterfly Effect has been able to donate over $45,000 to charities worldwide, helping them fight breast-cancer, improve education for at-risk children and youth, care for the environment, prevent domestic and sexual violence and more.

Below are some of the charities that we work with. For more information and to learn how you can help in your community please email us: